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How To Stop My Cat Getting Lost Outside

How To Stop My Cat Getting Lost Outside
by Dr Grant Hampson

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Keeping our cats safe is our number one priority, but keeping track of them when they are outside can indeed prove difficult! There is no 100% secure way of keeping your cats safe whilst they are out and about but there are a few things you can do to make life a little easier if they ever went missing.

Letting your cat outside

If they have not been outside at all yet then you can follow our useful guide to letting your cats outside, to help your cat transition to going outside regularly.


Getting your cat microchipped is an easy and simple way of helping your cat get home if they ever went missing. Microchips are safe, easily implanted and extremely effective.

If your cat was ever found and taken to a vet, rescue centre or local authority they simply scan them, put the number into the system and voilà! All of your registered details will be instantly available and your cat can be reunited with your family.

ID Collar

If you decide to put a collar on your cat, it’s worth considering adding an identification tag. On the tag you can place any details you wish. Some people put their address and telephone number, but you can choose whatever makes you feel comfortable. Most importantly, be sure that your cat is wearing a quick release collar. This will help prevent your cat from getting hurt if it gets caught on something.


There are devices available out there that allow you to track your cat’s daily activities and map them through GPS! These devices come in all shapes and sizes and often attach to your cat's collar. Spend a bit of time doing some research to find the best one that suits your cat.

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