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Can kittens share a litter tray?

Can kittens share a litter tray?
by Lucinda Beeman

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The Short Answer: It's Complicated

The quick and dirty answer is: yes, kittens can share a litter tray. If they have to. But it's not ideal. Sharing might work temporarily. But as they grow, you’ll need to reassess the situation. Here’s why.

Territorial Issues

Cats are territorial by nature. And as your kittens grow, they’ll start staking out their own spaces. Sharing a litter box can lead to territorial disputes, stress, and even litter box avoidance.

Hygiene Concerns

More kittens using the same box means it gets dirty faster. A filthy litter box can be a breeding ground for bacteria. And lead to health problems like urinary tract infections.

Behavioural Problems 

Some cats are finicky about cleanliness. And may refuse to use a box that doesn’t meet their standards. This can lead to inappropriate elimination. (Translation: your carpet becomes the bathroom.)

The Golden Rule: One Box Per Cat, Plus One

The general recommendation from feline experts is to have one litter box per cat, plus one extra. So if you have two kittens, you should ideally have three litter boxes. `so there’s always a clean box available. And conflicts are less likely.

Introducing Multiple Litter Boxes

Here’s how to set up your kittens for litter box success:

Consider the location: Put the litter boxes in quiet, accessible areas. Avoid busy or noisy spots. Where your kittens might feel stressed or disturbed.

Get the right box: Kittens are small, so start with shallow litter boxes they can easily climb into. As they grow, you can switch to larger boxes.

Stay consistent: Keep the boxes in the same spot so your kittens always know where to go. Frequent changes in location can confuse them and lead to accidents.

Keep it clean: Scoop the boxes daily and change the litter regularly. Clean boxes are more inviting and reduce the risk of health issues.

What If They Prefer Sharing?

Sometimes kittens might show a preference for using the same litter box. If they’re not having any issues, it might be okay in the short term. But keep a close eye on their behaviour. Watch for signs of stress, territorial disputes, or inappropriate elimination. If any of these issues arise, it’s time to buy another box.

Signs Your Kittens Need More Litter Boxes


If one kitten starts avoiding the litter box, it’s a clear sign that they might not be comfortable sharing.


Finding little “presents” outside the box? That’s your kitten telling you they need more space.


If you notice any aggressive behaviour around the litter box, it’s time to add more options.

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