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Best Beds For Senior Cats

Best Beds For Senior Cats
by Dr Grant Hampson

Read time: 1 min

We all want to make our old cats as comfortable as possible as they start to slow down and sleep even more! The most important thing for beds is ensuring they are the picture of comfort and easy to access.

We all love to leap, so if your cat enjoys sleeping in higher areas around you home, consider adding in steps and ramps to allow them to reach them without having to jump and put extra pressure on their joints.

You'd be surprised what you need to consider when thinking about a bed for your older cat.

Here are our top tips:

  • Make sure the sides are not too high. As your cats joints become stiffer, then may find it a little bit difficult to jump into or step over beds with raised sides.

  • Pay attention to the lining of the bed, something nice and soft that your cat can sink into and have a nice deep sleep. Another tip is to look for best that are machine washable, as your cat is going to be spending more and more time in their bed, you are going to want to keep it nice and clean.

  • Give them plenty of places to sleep, sometimes the living room might be too busy for them and they want their own space. So have some beds in various places around the house so they can sleep peacefully.

You're now equipped with all the information you need to make sure your senior cats are cosy, secure, and sleeping in the lap of luxury like they deserve.

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