Save the planet one Scoop at a time

Time to get the Scoop

Scoop Tofu litter is no-smell, no-cake, non-toxic, no-dust, no-tracking – and 100% sustainable. Better for your health, your cat’s health, the planet’s health, and it’s easier to clean too. Our super-absorbent, quick-clumping litter means you just scoop out the clumps to keep your litter tray fresh. 

Follow our simple tips to get started

  • Start with a clean litter box. Pour 3-5cm of Scoop Tofu into the tray.

  • ...Give your cat some privacy.

  • Remove any waste or clumps – our litter is flushable and biodegradable, but always check your local council's advice for disposal

  • Top up the litter tray when needed.

  • Clean the box thoroughly every month and refresh with new litter.  

Frequently Asked Questions
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Is it environmentally friendly?
Does Scoop Tofu clump?
How long does one bag last?
Can I switch my cat to their new litter straight away?