Cats can't talk. But their litter tray can.

Welcome to the UK's first health-indicating litter.

Our cats tell us when they're hungry – but not when they're sick. In the wild, showing weakness or illness puts cats at risk. So even at home, they’re notorious for disguising their pain.

Scoop Health litter helps do the talking for your cat. The litter changes colour depending on the pH level of your cat’s urine. Yellow to light green is within the normal range, but if you see dark green, blue or red in the litter tray, this could indicate that something isn’t right. Then you can get them checked at the vet before the symptoms progress.

Follow our simple tips to get started

  • Start fresh. Wipe down an empty litter tray and pour in Scoop Health until it’s 3-5cm deep. 

  • Give your cat some privacy. Let them have a little space to do their business.

  • Check the colour. Spot any red, orange, dark green or blue? Time to call your vet for a check-up.

  • Mix things up. Scoop Health instantly absorbs urine, so all you need to do is remove any poops and stir the litter. That way, you circulate any urine spots and re-balance the colour of the tray.

  • Keep it clean. One bag lasts a 4kg cat up to 28 days. After that – or whenever you open a new bag – empty and clean the tray thoroughly. 

KatKin Scoop Health helps you spot early signs of illness but is not for home diagnosis. It can't detect all urinary abnormalities and should never replace proper veterinary care. Make sure you contact your vet if you notice any changes in your cat's health or urine, even if the litter does not change colour.

Frequently Asked Questions
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