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Katkins food from fresh ingredients

Katkins food is made from fresh ingredients and has no additives. Our order was received in the time slot allocated. Our cat completely loves all selected flavours and it works out much cheaper than shop bought tins.

59 minutes ago

Excellent product and service

It took a while for my cat to adjust but now she seems to live the food and she looks healthier and has more energy. I am very happy with the service from ordering to receiving it is excellent and well worth the cost.

Kim Potts
1 hour ago

Quality of the food for my pet is…

They provide excellent natural ingredients. Nothing is left in the bowl, his coat is softer brighter. My pet has more energy and it’s best cat product on the market. If I had known before I would switched to this ages ago. Fast service to your door, packaging is excellent.

Vanessa Williams
2 hours ago

Stink be gone

I was complaining to my boss about my kitten's toilet and she recommended a raw diet. I'm vegitarian so I don't really like handling meat myself so I looked for a delivery service. I am so glad I found Katkin. Freddie is such a happy kitten (18 weeks). He Loves his food, especially the Quack. He is growing like a bean and I know his growth is supported by good quality food.

Steph Giles
2 hours ago

Giving an old cat a new lease of life

Our elderly cat had lost interest in eating. After a couple of meals of katkin she is back to eating normally and with gusto. The addition of the chicken powder is genius we cannot thank you enough for giving our old lady a new lease of life.

Ronelle Hovey
2 hours ago

Excellent quality, cats can't get enough

Excellent quality my cats can't get enough. I take out a package each night and put tge fridge. Serving it up in the morning I warm the food in the microwave for 20 seconds. This releases water and flavour. I now have to cats rubbing my legs attentive waiting for food. They never did that with the old dry food.

Michael Moran
3 hours ago

This is good stuff and my cat loves it

This is good stuff and my cat loves it. We have a 7 month old Maine Coon who has never eaten commercial cat food. We're using a mix of this, fresh food and a raw food and he's thriving. He particularly likes the turkey one and will eat almost an entire packet in one go if I let him.

Clare Cooney
3 hours ago

Great food great people.Our cats love…

Great food great people.Our cats love it.I will be order food again from this company.Recommend for anyone who cares about they cats.

Radosław Jagiełło
23 hours ago

I am so impressed!

Not only do we have a contented cat with no food grumps for the past 3 weeks, but we have also:Massively reduced the amount of cat food waste that was being binned;Not burned our nostril hairs walking past the litter box at inopportune moments;And because a trusted courier company has been used, I'm not anxious about running out of the food that has transformed this household.All in all, you have some happy customers here :)

1 day ago

Great food for my kitten

Great food for my kitten which she really enjoys. She is in wonderful condition with soft shiny fur. The vet has remarked how well she is. Lots of different choices for her each day to enjoy. The KatKin company really do care about their customers.

Dian Slay
1 day ago

Great for sensitive tummies

My cat has had gastro-intestinal problems for years, but since he's been on KatKin, these issues seem to have settled down and he's happy, healthy and full of energy.

Neill Robb
1 day ago

Very impressed

Very impressed with the quality of the product. Well packaged and everything included. My cat liked the food straightaway and I feel as if I am feeding him real food, not fast food junk.

Ms Lynn Kinnear
1 day ago

I'm so impressed by KatKin

I'm so impressed by KatKin. After two days my previously (seemingly perpetually) hungry cat was relax and satisfied. Two weeks on and his coat, previously dry, is noticeably softer - the difference is really that noticeable. On top of that, the Customer service is excellent with regular text check-in and guidance videos - it really feels like a personalised service and I do feel you're getting a ton of value for the price.

Thomas Broster
1 day ago

Katkin are a marvellous company

Katkin are a marvellous company. They care about you and you cat(s) and ensure your cat gets the correct food and care. They send lots of useful information and care tips too. Would recommend.

Anne Mooney
1 day ago

"If you don't pay for good health now; You'll pay for bad health later."

Wow, wow, wow! I was so anxious when I decided on KatKin as the appropriate transition to REAL and nutritious meat for my lil Bella. I had previously tried non-commercial brands such as Blink but Bella's fussiness meant I then had a trial package that gathered dust - whilst I had no choice but to continue feeding her Felix branded wet food & Whiskas dry food (so fussy, she won't allow a swap of those two brands - Felix dry and Whiskas wet).You won't believe the ear-to-ear smile that was plastered on my face when, on day three, I saw Bella taking chunks from the KatKin portion of her meal and every few minutes being enticed to take another mouthful. By day 4, Bella wants nothing to do with Felix wet food and the dry food continues to watch her, untouched, from the shelf above. Enough about Bella. KatKin have really impressed me right from the beginning. Upon deciding on KatKin, I ordered and received the trial box. The package was extremely well produced. I don't particularly believe in the use of Microwaves, as it has been proven to negatively impact the nutritional value of foods. Instead, I boil/use hot water to defrost the meal in a bowl. When ready, the food itself smells great - almost tempting. Shh!(Ok a little more about Bella...) Bella seems much more content, happy and energetic. In fact, she no longer has diarrhoea or stomach pains. Bella is like me, she loves water and drinks plenty daily. But now that she consumes KatKin, she no longer rushes to the water bowl in dehydration. She just plays around with that bowl now and leaves me to clean up the mess.I must say the transition from commercial products means you will need to increase your expenses for your cat's needs. This quote has always resonated with me:"If you don't pay for good health now;You'll pay for bad health later." (This also applies to our lil ones).

Kno mad
1 day ago

Great new cat food company

Great new cat food company. A good variety of choices and safely delivered to your door. The costumer service is very helpful and friendly.Worth to give it a try and make your cat a happy and healthy family member 😸

Bruno Ferreira
2 days ago

The best cat food I’ve ever known

The best cat food I’ve ever known! My fussy boy loves the food - and you can tell it’s real meat by the smell! My boys coat is extra shiny and no more smelly bums!

2 days ago

Love it!

Katkin is the best food I have ever used for my boys. It seems much fresher than conventional food and has a great range of choices for even the pickiest of cats. Their coats are so shiny and it's helped filled them out too, it was so hard to keep weight on them before changing to katkin.

Hannah James
2 days ago

Super company

Excellent food and customer service. Really good value for money.

Mrs linda thomson
2 days ago

Fantastic service

I am completely overwhelmed by the kindness shown by Katkin following the recent loss of our beloved cat Winston. Having never been a customer before, we signed up for the trial pack and the subscription the day before we lost him. I emailed them to inform them of his death and cancel the subscription, but I didn’t expect the trial to be cancelled. Not only did they cancel it, they refunded me the cost and a week later a beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived. It says an awful lot about them if this is the lengths they go to with someone who has never been a customer. Thank you all. It goes without saying that should we ever share our home with another cat, you’ll be our first port of call when choosing our food.

Alan Gooden
2 days ago

Fantastic food but not all will take to it.

I have five cats, all with very different needs. I thought I'd give Katkin a go for two of my ladies; one an eleven-year old British Shorthair, the other, a feisty Calico with food sensitivities. Firstly, I must commend Katkin on doing an exceptional job packaging. The food was still very frozen and the amazing packaging inside can be used again for transporting fragile items at Christmas. Plus, they use environmentally friendly packaging, very important to me.The food itself is unlike any we've had before. Because I don't have a microwave, I just stand two packets in warm water for half an hour before feeding but it's not essential. Providing the food is well-thawed and room temperature, the cat should eat it.Mrs Picky Pants Calico with food issues wasn't terribly interested but the Shorthair was. She howls at the bowl and eats up (almost) every single bit. She's only been having Katkin for her evening meal and has inferior for breakfast but wow, what a difference this has made! The second subscription box has gone to my other female, ex-feral cat who thinks it's the best food ever. She's often sick immediately after eating her regular meal but this hasn't occurred once on Katkin. She's so desperate to eat (the Oink is her favourite) that she will drag the food out and growl at anyone even looking her way! She's previously been very picky and worries me sick with her difficult ways.As for a subscription, well, for all five would be expensive. What I hope to do is keep this for the ones who love it and feed the others Katkin as a treat.There is no doubt that this is way better than anything else available. It doesn't stink like regular cat food and I'm happy knowing they're getting exactly what they need nutritionally. Cats are picky and I've spent so long trying to please the little darlings! I'll stick to Royal Canin for dry foods but for Abigail and Xenia, this food is purrfect!

Lisa Odd
3 days ago

I have struggled for years with…

I have struggled for years with Moscow's diet, very intolerant to processed food, but since he has been getting Katkin (which he loves) he has stopped vomiting so much , his coat is shiny and healthy, he is just all round in better shape.

Sue Morley
3 days ago

Happy cats in abundance

I'm happy, my cats happy, he loves the food and is so full of energy. His coat is so glossy we call him Mr Sheen. Thank you KatKin

Trudie Stephenson
3 days ago

I am loving this product so far.

I am loving this product so far...with only a few exceptions my cat also loves the food. I have little or nothing to throw away, because he eats everything. No more stinky compost containers, and no more stinky cat litter. There really is little or no smell. I have already passed on the "discount" referral cards to friends. Thank you.

Susie Venable
4 days ago

Good quality natural food

Good quality food which my cat enjoys and finishes every time. Her fur is lovely and soft, so it must be good. Delivery at stated time and beautifully packed with recyclable materials. Customer service keeps in touch regularly. What’s not to like?

Jan Clements
5 days ago

We love Katkin!

When waiting for our 2 kittens to arrive, I did a lot of research into the best food for them. I decided on Katkin, based on factors such as their company mission & costings (which when compared to feeding on cheaper brands wet and dry combos, actually comes out to a pretty similar price).... I am extremely happy with Katkins service, my kittens love the food - they are thriving, and it's so simple to adapt meal choices and change delivery dates if necessary. I will definitely be sticking with them!

Mrs P
5 days ago

Still in the trial period

I am still in the trial period and it is taking time for my fussy girls to get used to top quality food. It smells very good and keeps well in the fridge and freezer. It comes very well packaged and arrives when they say it will. I will keep going with it.

Ann Philcox
5 days ago

Charlie loves his new food and wouldn't…

Charlie loves his new food and wouldn't eat anything else I offered him

Patricia Gascoigne
5 days ago

I have a 2 year old female who has just…

I have a 2 year old female who has just developed IBD. I found Katkin on the Internet and gave it a try. It was made easy with their trial offer. Phoebe is a 3kg cat and very fussy eater. It has taken several weeks to get her use to the new food. The customer service are brilliant they have answered all my question and even rang me just to see how we are doing. I am feeding Phoebe little and often, that seems to work just waste. I warm the food up in the microwave for 10sec. And it smells really good and you can see all the juices. Phoebe can't get it quick enough. Packaging is very good and delivery comes when they say it will. So thank you Katkin you saved Phoebe.

5 days ago


Our little kitten of 5 months, really enjoys his KatKin meals. Not only does our kitten enjoy the meals but we really enjoyed the service as the delivery was on time, the packaging was very well put together and the meals were easy to prepare.

Kim Rana
5 days ago

My Cat Loves this Food!

My little Molly is really loving her KatKin food. She likes white meat the best so her favourite is the Cluck, Gobble and the Oink. She was becoming a bit fussy with her foods and only wanting chicken types like Thrive, Pets At Home Seriously Good Bistro or the mini chicken breasts cooked at home, she went off Animonda Carny, Lily's Kitchen and Natures Menu! so I was a bit worried that she wasn't getting enough nutrient's and would be stuck eating only chicken. But now I feel so much better that she loves KatKin and is getting a variety of nutrients again. There is also zero waste because its frozen and you can take out just a little bit at a time if necessary. Customer service is very professional, I will be staying with this company.

Andrea Malcolm
5 days ago

My cat who's 17

My cat who's 17, I truly thought I'd lose him as he had gotten so thin and lethargic. So I reviewed Katlin and was so impressed with the reviews that I thought why not try it. It's only been 2 weeks so far but he has put on a bit of weight and seems a lot perkier. He loves the food and took to it straight away, so I'm looking forward to carrying on.

Fiona Reed
5 days ago

What a difference real food makes!

Still early days but our 19 year old cat has been putting on a bit of weight and loves the food. Frankly, that was what we wanted as she was very thin. Add the fact that the food is excellent quality and we love the packaging and we can change the mix of recipes is just a bonus. As they get what you pay for.

robert ritchie
5 days ago

10 year old rescue girl loves it

We have a 10 year old rescue girl who arrived with a sensitive tummy (no fish). She was addicted to a mainstream brand and refused any fancier off-the-shelf options, but on reading the Katkin info and mission I really wanted her to have the best. I was really worried she would reject it as a fussy eater so ordered the trial pack.She absolutely loved it from first mouthful (gobble). The issue soon became keeping the move over slow! She's on 100% Katkin now, deciding on four flavours as her favourites, and I can hand on heart testify to all the benefits; more energy and curiousity/playfulness, super soft and thick coat, bright eyes, poos that don't smell and seems fuller for longer and happy with going from three meals a day to two.I'd also say its helped with her weight, the vet didn't label her as overweight but told us to keep an eye on it as she had put on 400g in two months with us (partly due to rescue fear of not knowing if food would always be there apparently). I think because she feels fuller and we keep to two set times a day, she's relaxed a lot and getting back to her healthiest weight. Also, her regurgitation issues haven't appeared once! She would vomit at least twice a week on previous food after 30 secs of eating and she hasn't once in 4 weeks, hooray. So as you can tell we're fans of Katkin and would recommend to anyone and everyone with a cat.

Rowena T
5 days ago

It's only early days but a definite change for the good

It's only early days, 3 weeks in but I have definitely seen a change in Simba. His coat appears smoother and he is more content. He has a thyroid problem and had lost a lot a weight and is on thyroid medicine. I think he has put some weight on and no longer meows loudly all the time. He still needs a bit of coaxing and the sprinkles help. Cat poo no longer smells !

6 days ago

We are really pleased with katkins

We are really pleased with katkins. There meals seem to Really good quality our cat loves his meal time . The food comes really well packaged. Costumer service is very good and there very polite and understanding. Delivery as all so been very good. And the packaging is very good and echo friendly.

Charlain Vincent
6 days ago

KatKin ticks all the boxes that I hope…

KatKin ticks all the boxes that I hope for - great product, great customer service, prompt delivery, flexible when changing choices & best of all, 1 very happy & satisfied Senior Furbaby, the one & only, Pebs ♥️

Trish Fuller
6 days ago

Great company and product

Great company and product. We had a problem with one cat who grazed and one who ate everything. We would feed them separately, but the other cat would still find her food and eat it. We decided to try to find a food that the grazer would eat all at once and I really couldn’t believe it when she started to clear her plate at every meal time, Thank you so much.

6 days ago

Our two little cats like it very much

Our two little cats like it very much. also the flakes and the salmon treats. Only the packaging could be even more eco friendly, less plastic (pouches could be biodegradable material).

6 days ago

KatKin saved my 20 years old cat life

My cat visited vet every 6 months for the last 8 years to get new medication Loxicom for arthritis. About 5 years ago my cat started to lose weight everytime she visited vet, they struggled to find cause of my cat weight loss from 7kg in 2016 to 4kg in 2020. Then 11 months ago I noticed my cat turned skinny lost lots of muscle mass. The last vet visit on 1 November 2021 my cat weighted 3kg, vet found nothing wrong with my cat, said my cat is healthy at 20 years old age but told me she is close to death because she weight 3kg and got no muscle mass. They advised me to have good happy time with my cat until next vet visit in 6 month time when my cat will be 21 years old.Back home I had thought about what my vet said but I and my sister both not agreed with vet opinion of my cat. There are many healthy cats on youtube that some are skinny with very little muscle mass are much older than my cat. I googled how cat regain weight and muscle mass then I found KatKin link and reading everything, shocked not realised all cat food brands my cat eat Whiskas, Felix and Butchers contained very little meat. The tin probably contained 20% to 40% meat and pouch may contained 5% to 10% meat. I now realised this was the reason why my cat lost weight over the last 5 years then I ordered KatKin trial and parcel delivered on 10 November 2021. My cat loved all flavours and cleaned plate everytime daily and 1 week on I noticed her hair is soft and glossy, look like she regain some weight and muscle mass, she looked much better 3 weeks on ate the last trial pouch 5 days ago and next batch KatKin with 28 pouches delivered 3 days ago.Very impressed with KatKin.

Craig Murphy
6 days ago

Incredible change in our 13 year old…

Incredible change in our 13 year old rescue moggy. She was on iams dry kibble for seniors but having some tummy trouble (red blood in stools). Vet suggested she had cat version of IBS so I did some research and decided to try her on a better quality food. We have definitely found the right food with Katkin. Within just a couple of weeks she is like a different cat. Her fur feels amazingly soft (how this happened in such a short time I don't know), her stools are solid and easy to deal with and she seems to have a new lease of life - jumping up on higher surfaces and demanding play at all hours. Have had to cat proof some rooms as she is getting very adventurous! We can't believe the transformation. It is expensive, quite the price increase compared to her previous diet, so after reading some of the other reviews I decided to only replace 50% of her diet with Katkin. She gets half a pouch for dinner and her kibble for breakfast. For now this seems to be doing great things and she seems to enjoy most of the flavours - the pig is gone in seconds but the turkey takes a few goes. Trouble is now she knows her food lives in the fridge she keeps trying to jump in it!I did contact the customer service team when I was trying to calculate how many calories to replace for 50% kibble and they were helpful and responded quickly so overall a great experience.

Elle Butterworth
6 days ago

Moses and puddi-tat are struggling …

Moses and puddi-tat are struggling they eat some at night but only eat the dry in the day I don’t like leaving it out as it dries out

Mrs M Knowles
6 days ago

Best decision switching to KatKin!

Best decision switching to KatKin!After recent media around supermarket brands making cats sick, and noticing poor health in my cat, I made the switch to KatKin. The food looks and smells great, my 1 y/o cat loves it! So when I got a new kitten 1 month ago, I didn't hesitate to transition her to KatKin as well. Both cats are thriving, perfect health, shiny coat, loads of energy and (best of all) no smelly litter boxes!! Any time I've had a query, Customer Service is super responsive, very friendly and efficient. If you're thinking about joining KatKin, DO IT - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Kelly Fraser
6 days ago

My cat is a very fussy boy

My cat is a very fussy boy. He would often waste food. Since changing to Katkins the difference is measurable. He eats it all up , is satisfied for longer and seems content. My cat is happy and should become healthier as the product is both natural and nutritious , his coat seems softer already. It is a little pricey but there is no waste and the health of my cat is important to me.

7 days ago

Happy cat Happy me, Thank you Katkins

My cat has very sensitive stomach and daily before Katkins I would be cleaning up sick three to four times a day .I had been struggling to find a food which he liked and did not cause his stomach to flare up. Since the slow progression over to Katkins I no longer have this sick issue. He is more lively and his coat is much nicer .I can not believe the change in my cat and believe me, I tested it out . Happy cat Happy me thank you Katkins

Sara Morey
7 days ago


Our cat developed pancreatitis, so we decided to try Katkin, as our vet said a more natural food would help his stomach and him in general. Unfortunately, before the package arrived we had to say good bye to our boy, due to complications. The team at Katkin were so understanding and we received some lovely heartwarming messages from them. We have received the trial pack and i have to say just looking at what has arrived is impressive. The way that it has been thought out and explained. I know our boy would have just loved the natural food. The team at Katkin are extremely helpful.

Neil F
7 days ago

My experience with the company has been very positive

I've been with with Katkin for a few weeks, but so far my experience with the company has been very positive. The food is good quality and though my cat has been fussy about it, he is coming around thanks to their good advice about food changeover. He seems content and his fur is looking much better (he's a senior kitty). I have been very impressed with their customer service and the flexibility of the plans. I have no worries about using their subscription because of that. My only (small) gripe is the cost because I'm used to commercial cat food prices and I'm on a very tight budget, but I understand that you get what you pay for. Katkin is a perfect example of this. Overall, highly recommended.

Catherine Ann LaCroix
7 days ago

Great quality food and good customer service…

Great quality food and good customer service. Very flexible in changing orders. Took a while for the cats to get used to the food but now they do like it.

diana halim
8 days ago

Best for cats !!!

High quality products and great service.

Egidijus Cikotas
9 days ago

I've been really happy with this…

I've been really happy with this company. The food seems of good quality and nutrition for our cat. It is easy system to use and you can opt out or change delivery dates any time. They seem like a good, transparent company and I'm happy to continue using them. they may be on the more expensive end but if you can afford it, I'd say it is worth it to give your cat the best.

Holly Shaw
10 days ago

Healthy cats. Happy cat people. Handy deliveries. Wholesome bowls.