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Welcome To The KatKin Kitchen

Welcome To The KatKin Kitchen

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When normal pet food factories weren’t able to make the Fresh, high quality cat food Brett and Nikki wanted, they opened their own kitchen - just like one you’d cook any human meals in. This way, we know exactly what goes into everything we dish out, and we’re using only the freshest, best ingredients.

The meat of it.

Since cats are carnivores, it all starts with the meat. Ours is all locally sourced in the UK, and gets delivered to us fresh each morning. We start with quality cuts of meat which we grind ourselves. Then we add a careful sprinkling of our nutrient mix formulated by our board-certified vet nutritionist, to make sure your cat gets exactly what they need each meal.

Hand portioned.

Once the mix is complete, we portion them by hand into our custom, daily serve cat food pouches.

Gently does it.

Then we cook the pouches sous vide. That’s just a fancy way of saying we gently steam them to lock in the nutrients and moisture. Slow cooking also kills off any bad bacteria, while retaining the healthy probiotics that keep your cat’s gut happy.

A silver service. For cats.

After being flash frozen, our Fresh meals head straight to doorsteps and cat bowls all across the country.

Great ingredients. Healthy cats. It’s as simple as that.

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