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Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking Outside the Box

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As a young company, we aim to keep our packaging as fresh as the meals they deliver. That’s why we design our boxes around the golden trio of sustainable packaging- reduce, reuse, recycle. Most everything in your box is completely recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.

The Box

Made from 80% recycled materials and 100% curb-side recyclable- just be sure to let your cat play with them first!

The Insulator

Our all natural, sheep’s wool insulator is completely biodegradable and compostable. After keeping your meals cool during delivery, it doubles as perfect material for crafts, cat beds, or even bird nest materials (leave it outside and watch them flock in). The plastic bag it comes in is 100% recyclable, food grade polythene — just separate it from the wool and recycle with your plastics!

Ice packs

Our ice packs are filled with water for easy disposal— just drain them and recycle. Alternatively, you can re-freeze them to use on summer picnics or in school lunches.


We use daily serve cat food pouches (two meals in one) to cut our plastic waste in half, and since we portion and cook your cat’s meal in the same pouch that gets delivered to your door, we have zero food waste in our kitchens. Sadly the special heat-resistant plastic is not recyclable yet, but we’re working on new alternatives for 2021.

This isn’t over

We’ll never stop thinking of ways to reduce our waste, and are also designing various Reuse Programs so our cat people will be able to return their packaging to us every few deliveries for future use.

Think outside the box!

Our cats see more to a cardboard box and so should we. Show us what you do to re-use your KatKin packaging!

Close up of a plant with a cat behind it
Cat peeping its head out of a KatKin cardboard box
Black and white cat sleeping on the wool insulation from KatKin's boxes
Wool toy
Shot from above of a Seal Point Lynx Bengal inside a castle made of KAtKin boxes
Black cat peeping through a cut out in a box in the shape of a window
Black and white cat crouched inside a KatKin box
Mobile screenshot of a black cat in cat-house made out of KatKin boxes
Closeup of mouse toy made of wool
Two ginger cats inside a KatKin box
Tabby cat head peeping through a hole on a KatKin box
White and black cat crouched inside a KatKin box
Black kitten peeping out of a KatKin box

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