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Part 3 of 4: How to switch to our new trays

Part 3 of 4: How to switch to our new trays
by KatKin Team

Read time: 5 min

From serving suggestions to storage tips, here’s our top tricks for helping cats switch.

Have you seen our new easy-peel, quick-serve trays yet? They’re recyclable, too. Still the best for cats, but now better for our planet.

This new, more sustainable packaging means we’ve had to adjust how we prep and cook our fresh food. (Don’t worry, we still gently cook each recipe to protect nutrients and kill bacteria.) So the food in the trays might look a little different to our old pouch recipes, and the texture is slightly more fine.

Rest assured – we’re using the exact same 100% human-quality meat cats love, from suppliers we trust.

But some cats might need a little extra time to get used to this new, smoother texture. If you've got a particularly fussy eater, we suggest you follow the steps below:

  1. Only defrost food in your fridge. And not by using hot water or the microwave. You can keep up to 5 trays in your fridge at any one time to defrost before use.

  2. Serve food straight from your fridge. Don’t heat it up using hot water or the microwave. If your cat only eats their food warm, empty one half of a tray into a bowl and microwave for a maximum of 10-15 seconds.  Heating up the food will release more natural juices from the meat. So you might notice a little more liquid. 

  3. Add Sprinkles or Nibbles. Topping your cat’s meal with some Sprinkles or crushed Nibbles will help your cat adjust to the change. (We promise your cat didn’t tell us to write this.) 

  4. Don’t stand over or watch your cat. When feeding from the new trays, leave the room and give your cat some time on its own to explore the new texture. 

  5. Persevere. And don’t get discouraged. Cats can be wary about new textures and food changes, but they often just need time. And a few extra helpings of Sprinkles. (Ok, your cat did tell us to write that.) 

  6. Ask other cat parents. Join our Club House on Facebook to find advice from our community. And cat pics. Lots of cat pics


Looking for more info on our new packaging? Good news. We’ve also rounded up tips on storing your trays, serving food from the trays and recycling our packaging.

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