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Part 1 of 4: How to store our new trays

Part 1 of 4: How to store our new trays
by KatKin Team

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Split. Flip. Fold. Stack. Here’s the lowdown on storing our new trays in your freezer. (Pics included.)

If you received our new trays in your latest box, you might have a few questions about how best to store them. We’ve rounded up a few pointers below – with a little help from our community of hardcore cat parents.


At KatKin, we’re always keen to hear your feedback, thoughts and opinions. And one of the most common questions we get from cat parents is: “Why isn’t your packaging more sustainable?”


That’s why we started to think hard about the pouches our fresh food recipes came in. These were tricky to recycle, and many of you were unhappy with this. And so were we. 

So after months of research and development, we launched our new easy-peel, quick-serve trays. 

Not only is the base tray made from 80% recycled plastic, but you can pop it in your home recycling bin after use, too. And return the peel top with soft plastic schemes at Co-op and Tesco or 23% of local councils. Check with yours to find out how.


The new trays are a slightly different shape and size to our old pouches. So some cat parents and team members have been sharing their nifty ideas on how to store them. 

Stack those Shelves: If your freezer has shelves, simply stack your trays like KatKin team member Mati did. Some cat parents say that the new trays are easier to stack than the old pouches as they’re a lot less slippery.

Shot of KatKin's fresh food trays stacked in a vertical freezer

They See Me Foldin’: Fold your trays along their perforated edges. Then stack ‘em up as above. Thanks to Shelley Anne for this tip.

KatKin's fresh food trays folded and stacked in the freezer

Do the Splits: Some break-ups are meant to be. Like the ‘morning’ and ‘evening’ portions of each tray. Split your trays for easier storage – just like Kassandra has done here. This also lets you mix ‘n’ match the flavours. Think Baaa for breakfast then Splash for supper. (With a side of Nibbles, of course.)

KatKin's fresh food trays split and neatly tucked in a freezer drawer

Or not: Keep your trays together and group by recipe. (And feel superior to others because your freezer is colour-coordinated.)

KatKin's fresh food trays neatly tuck in a freezer drawer

Break the Rules: The first rule of storing trays? There are no rules. Take inspo from team member Steve and dabble in folding, stacking and splitting. Whatever works for you. And your freezer.

Shot from above of KatKin's fresh food trays packed inside a freezer drawer

Five in the Fridge: Remember, you can keep up to five trays in your fridge. Once opened, make sure to serve within two days.

Trays of KatKin's fresh food stored on a fridge shelf next to human food

Bonus | Channel Your Inner Tetris Champ: This one’s for you, ‘80s computer game nerds. Interlock the trays à la Tetris, and your cat will gobble them up like PacMan.

KatKin's fresh food trays tessellated in the freezer

P.S. We’re still collecting feedback on our new trays. Haven’t shared your thoughts yet? Find our survey here.

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