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Part 2 of 4: How to serve from our new trays

Part 2 of 4: How to serve from our new trays
by KatKin Team

Read time: 8 min

Serve from the fridge. Fluff with a fork. See bowls licked clean.

Our new trays are designed to make feeding your cat simple. Easier to stack, peel, serve and recycle than the old pouches, the trays are also a slightly different shape and size. They're more streamlined and rectangular. Which is great news for your fridge and freezer. This also means that the food can look compressed and flat when you first open the tray.

Don't worry – this doesn't affect the quality of our 100% gently-cooked, human-quality meat. It just needs a little fluffing up when served.

We also recommend serving the food from the fridge without heating it up using hot water or a microwave. If your cat only eats their food warm, empty one half of a tray into a bowl and microwave for a maximum of 10-15 seconds. Heating up the food will release more natural juices from the meat. So you might notice a little more liquid. 

And when you need to defrost some trays, you should do so in your fridge, too.


Each tray is made up of two quick-snap halves. Together they give your cat their daily calorie and nutritional needs. So split apart for two perfect servings – one at breakfast, one at dinner. That means no more scissors, clips or mess in your fridge. And more variety for your cat – it’s now easy to mix and match flavours throughout the day.

Once you’ve snapped a tray, open and empty one half into your cat’s bowl. Then use a fork or spoon to fluff up the food. Just like you would with couscous or rice.


You might notice bits of gristle once you’ve fluffed up the food. This is because we use high-quality, nutrient-rich thigh meats in our bird protein recipes. And gristle is a natural part of these cuts. Many cats won’t notice these small pieces and enjoy them as part of the meal, while some avoid it from time-to-time.


We’ve enlisted some KatKin team members to show you how it’s done. With special guest stars Ludo, Iris, Pepper and Molly.

Lesson learned. Never get between Ludo and his Cluck. Faith fluffed up Ludo’s breakfast and added Chicken Nibbles. She then popped the other half back in the fridge until she was ready to serve it in the evening. (Or Ludo told her it was dinnertime.)

Iris has her eyes on the prize: A fluffed-up bowl of Cluck topped with tasty Sprinkles. P.S. We recommend watching this one with the sound WAY up.

Since starring in a few KatKin videos, Pepper’s had a taste of fame. And now she won’t accept anything less than the best. Luckily, Daniela’s on hand to fluff up some Cluck, garnish with Sprinkles, and serve our resident diva thespian.

When we say our fresh food recipes are made from human-quality meat, we’re not lying. And here’s Ed to prove it. He gently stirred a portion of Baaa for Molly, then tried a bite himself.


And that’s not all. You can also find advice on storing your trays, helping your cat adjust to the new texture and recycling our packaging on our blog.

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