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Part 4 of 4: How to recycle our new trays

Part 4 of 4: How to recycle our new trays
by KatKin Team

Read time: 4 min

We go all-in for cats. Now we’re going all-in for the planet, too.

The issue

Our old pouches were hard to recycle. Lots of cat parents weren’t happy about this. And neither were we.


So we spent time researching and developing a more sustainable packaging solution: easy-peel, quick-serve trays that are kerbside recyclable. That’s right. Not only are the trays made of 80% recycled plastic, but you can also put the base in your home recycling bin.

Here’s how:

How to recycle

1. Remove the peel top from the base tray.

2. Rinse the tray in your sink. (After your cat has licked it clean.)

3. Recycle the tray according to council guidelines.

4. Return the peel top with soft plastic schemes at supermarkets like Tesco and Co-op and some local councils. (Check with yours to find out how.)

Remember: our boxes, water packs, and wool and plastic liners are also recyclable. And make excellent cat temples, too. (Not that you need any extra help worshipping your cat.) Find out more here.

And that’s not the only way we’re going all-in for the planet this year. Want the inside Scoop on the plant-based, planet-saving cat litter that actually works? Sign up now and be the first to receive exclusive updates, offers and more.


Want to learn more about our new trays? You’re in luck. This is just one part of a full blog series on our packaging changes. We’ve got articles on storing, serving and switching, too.

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